Thursday, November 15, 2012

Willow Tree with a Face!

On our canoe trip the other day, we came upon this willow tree standing on the side of the bank.. It has the shape of face with a little nose and eyes just above the 'wide open mouth'... Not exactly the Harry Potter whomping willow tree, but unique in its own way!

Sunday, November 11, 2012


Skye is our devoted border collie who deserves to be shared with the world.  Skye is 2 years old and a very smart dog. And I'm not just saying that because she is ours, she really is!!  (The Border Collie was on the cover of the National Geographic in March 2008.. Studies have shown that some border collies know and associate up to 340 words and counting) Sometimes we have to spell words when she is in our presence, otherwise, she is patiently waiting to do that job from the words she hears.. She will, on command, ''pick up'' items and bring them to us, or if we say "recycle", she knows to look for a water bottle to take to the recycling area!! One of my favorites is saying "slippers".... She is off on a mission, looking, looking, looking, and within a minute, she is back with my slipper and then, off she goes to get the other one! One time, she brought the two of them together.. (that was just luck).. Since a puppy, she loves playing with "sticks" and the bigger, the better!  "Ball" and "frisbee" are on top of the list as other favorite games.  She loves the camera and poses for me on any occasion.  Here, she is out on the farm keeping a watchful eye on her large family of ducks and chickens who are free-ranged during the day... Come dusk, and she hears the words "chicken bedtime", she is up and ready with her tail wagging! When everyone is accounted for and tucked in for the night, she is a happy dog and knows her job is done for another day!  See you tomorrow.  Love Skye <3