Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Happy Squirrel

This little fella was not bothered by my presence, but only interested in a good meal.  Today's menu consisted of seeds from this spruce tree cone.  They are always in search of nuts too and will eat just about anything in a backyard bird feeder.  Sunflower seeds and peanuts are a couple of favorites with our Northern Red Squirrels.  Sharing them with the backyard birds can be a challenge though.  I guess that is why they are known to most as pests.  You must admit, this little squirrel wins "The Cutest Pest Ever" award!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

American Dagger Moth Caterpillar

I just couldn't help myself to share a little
bit of "humor" with these photos!!

This little fella is quite smart too!!
Maybe caterpillars can read!! (wink wink)
He is having a snooze under this ''caterpillar sign"

American Dagger Moth Caterpillars are large caterpillars that are typically clothed in long lemon yellow hairs.  The hairs turn pale yellow or white when they are near the cocoon stage.  They have a thick black tuft at the end and two pairs of tufts along their middle, which is a very distinctive characteristic pattern.

American Dagger Moth Caterpillars are a forest moth species.  They feed on maples, willows, poplars, oaks, and alders.  You can observe them until the end of October or November.  They will emerge the following summer as a brown moth after spending a winter inside their cocoons.