Sunday, November 20, 2016

. . . My Name is Squirt . . . ''Coloring Book/Story Book"

I'm excited to introduce my coloring/activity book "My Name is Squirt" just released on Amazon. This book is based entirely on the storybook of the same name published in 2016. Squirt is a baby duck who narrates her story as she explores her enchanted world on the farm. She always has time for fun, including riding piggyback on a Border Collie or hiding in a sneaker. This book includes beautifully illustrated coloring pages with an added bonus at the end of the book for your child's imagination.

To experience life with Squirt, please click on the links below. Both the full color story book and the coloring books are available here:

Coloring Book/Story Book is on Amazon.CA

~ A sneak peak inside the coloring book/story book ~

.... Also Available .…

"My Name is Squirt" is also available in paperback and eBook versions featuring FULL COLOR double page illustrations. For your convenience, click on these links:


 ~ A sneak peak inside the storybook!! ~

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