Monday, July 23, 2012

New Additions!! Baby Pekins

This is one of the five baby Pekin ducks
that we just adopted!! She is 5 weeks old!

Baby "Pekin ducks" just born

I love my life!



These Pekin ducks were incubated in a grade 4/5 classroom and born on May 26/12 and then raised for a month by the children, who got to watch and learn all about this intelligent breed.  It came to our attention that they quickly needed homes, so after a few emails and phone calls, the school teacher made the four hour drive and delivered all 5 of them right to our pond!! They quickly adjusted and absolutely love their new home!! They are a joy to have and a great addition to our farm!!
Videos and 'baby Pekin ducks just born' photo courtesy of the elementary teacher! 

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