Saturday, June 8, 2013

Hummingbird Rescue

Female Ruby-Throated Hummingbird

WOW, our first sleep-over with a hummingbird!! It all started with our neighbor calling us to say she had a hummer on the ground and it needed to be gently nurtured back to health.  When I arrived a few moments later, a little gift box was handed over to me.... When I slowly lifted the lid, I saw this feathered sweetie, eyes closed on a pink and white cloth struggling to breathe....Her life was now in our hands!!
Eyes are closed and she is weak
We came home and I quickly made up a little sugar and water and got the syringe out.  I introduced it to her and a few moments later, she started to respond.. I held the dropper right on the edge of her beak and fed her every 10 min for about 2 hours.... (that was amazing!!!!)
She is starting to respond
We decided, since it was getting dark and she was not ready to be released, she would spend the night.... In between feedings, we rigged up a vacant 10 gal aquarium with some soft bedding and some dried branches.... We also took in the window bird feeder and placed it inside her house, hoping that she would be self-feeding by morning!!

Hummers house for the night
She is resting better and snuggled down for the night
  These next set of pictures are taken through the glass
of the aquarium and will look a bit cloudy ~~

She is thankful for the soft bed!!
Nestled down for the night!!
The next morning...............
5:30 a.m. she is practicing her flying skills
Soft landing <3
Looking strong and having lots of movement
Filling her belly and getting ready for the outdoors!!
We decided that this little feathered friend was ready to explore her life once more!!  Once outside, she glanced at us for a second as if to simply say ''thank you'', then flew to the nearby birch tree to get her bearings.... Then, in the blink of an eye, she was gone!!  It was a magical moment to have the opportunity to care for such a tiny little being.... Maybe someday she will return to say hi.... She will always be welcome here <3


  1. I have never seen anyone so in tune with nature's little ones. I knew she was the only chance this little humming bird had and I wasn't wrong. Thanks, Shamink for giving this little one a second lease on life. You are a sister to Mother Nature so I guess that makes you "Auntie Nature".

  2. Aww ThankYOU "Anonymous" :-) for the new nickname "Auntie Nature".. (cute).... It was the best sleepover ever!! It was a happy ending and glad that she got back on her feet quickly and thankful ''we'' were at the right place at the right time to assist !!

    Shamik :-)