Tuesday, July 16, 2013


After the morning rain
Here is a flower that is common and that just about everyone knows; it is the daisy.  Every flower has a meaning and the daisy represents loyalty to love and commitment.

I remember as young children playing, we would take a daisy and pick the white petals off one at a time until they were all gone while repetitively saying, ''he loves me, he loves me not''. If we said ''he loves me'' on the last petal picked, we would crumble up all of the yellow center and throw it up in the air and then try to catch as many yellow seeds back in our hand.  Then, we'd count them and that is how many children we were going to have!!!!

Daisies are one of my favorite perennials that make me smile, and yes, the kid is still in me....accept now when I play this game, I can happily say ''he loves me, he loves me lots'' !!

This is a great flower to give to anybody that you truly care about.