Monday, October 7, 2013

Where the Smurfs Live ~

These images I captured of very large mushrooms, about three apples tall, took me back in time to the 80's when the popular Saturday morning cartoon, ''The Smurfs'' was aired....

Some of these photos reminded me of the little mushroom houses that they lived in....

Up close.... you can see the gills collecting the morning dew....

We didn't see a smurf but we did find a little ''bunny ornament'' that hopped in for a quick photo!!

Did you know....?
  • that mushrooms keep your lawn healthy and promote forest growth
  • are high in protein and vitamin B (the edible ones)
  • that mushrooms can be used for dyeing wool and other natural fibers
Some mushrooms are edible and some are very toxic and poisonous!! Know and identify what you are picking before consuming.... When in doubt, throw it out!

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