Friday, November 8, 2013

Bobcat Track

This very large bobcat came through our property a couple of days ago just after the noon hour....Bobcats are not usually seen by humans and are shy....Their average weight is around 30 pounds, but this guy was pushing 50 pounds without a doubt....We think he is the same one that visited our farm a couple of winters ago!! Our Pekin ducks were in the pond at the time and half of our flock of free ranged chickens were just on the woods edge by the pond!! Everyone was making a lot of commotion as he made his presence...He stopped in his tracks when he spotted our feathered family and crouched down for only a moment and then darted off into the woods!!  We rounded everyone up and housed them all to safety and haven't seen the bobcat since!!


  1. nice print - even on the internet it gives me a shiver

  2. Thank you... This is the second time we have noticed his presence on the property!! Thankfully, our flock was unharmed!!