Friday, August 7, 2015


Pinnacle shaped Iceberg
This beauty was one of the many icebergs we saw this year!!  We were very fortunate to see this one up close and personal.  Dressed for the elements, we hiked a little distance from the main road to the ocean, and, WOW, was it worth it!! There were pieces of ice breaking off of this natural wonder and crashing against the rocks beside us.  We were safely able to pick up one of those chunks of ice, and yes, it was certainly an awesome feeling to hold a piece of history!!

An iceberg is a large piece of freshwater ice that has broken off a glacier or an ice shelf.  It could be more than 15,000 years old, floating freely in open water!! Some of them can be the height of a 15-storey building and weigh up to 100,000 tonnes and more.  Nine tenths of the iceberg's mass is below water.  Yep, that's right, we are only seeing one-tenth of them.

Like beer?  Try this if you have the chance!
Guaranteed, you will have another!
You might want to try a bottle of Iceberg Vodka? It is the only vodka in the world made from icebergs!!

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