Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Life of a Duck...."Lucky" our Pet Call Duck

 Posing for his portrait.. nothing to it..  He's a natural!!

Now it's sleeptime.. !!

"Lucky" is a Call duck and is the smallest domestic duck.  It is almost 2 years now since he has been with us.. He eats layer pellets and when he is hungry, he lets you know it.. He walks, or should I say waddles to his cupboard when his belly needs to be fed, and instead of crying like a baby, he quack quack quacks until we open the door.. ! He does not have his flight wings clipped, so he is able, and does fly around the house whenever he feels like it!!  He is very tame and is a pleasing addition to our home and family.  When he goes outside in his enclosed 'bungalow', he is soon surrounded by all the chickens, Skittles the rooster, and of course Skye, our Border Collie, who is always close by keeping a watchful eye on everybody!!  When Lucky is in the house, he wears a 'duck diaper', yep, that's right, and it's custom made by the way.  Thank goodness for google and our online friend Christine from ;-) We sent her a few measurements and a couple of weeks later, our duck diapers came in the mail... !!  Lucky is extremely amusing to watch and gives us hours of pleasure with his inquisitive behavior.  He is simply irresistible.

UPDATE:  Lucky was alone up until last year.  (Alone, as far as having another duck to play with)... you can see his furry family here .....Last spring, we got our Pekin ducks and now, this year, we have Lucky back outside and he is having a great time.  We are happy that he is able to be adventurous with rest of his feathered family!!  Lucky even became a father this summer.... Read all about it here !!!!

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