Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Our Muscovy Ducks

 Muscovy hatchling 1 day old....

and if you think this is cute....



 Two Muscovy Hatchlings <3

"And let's just say that perhaps this may have not been the most appropriate shirt to wear on day one of this little duck's life"

A few facts:
  • The adult males can weigh up to 10-15 lbs (4.5 6.8 kg). The male measures, on average, 31 inches or 79 cm
  • Most of the females are 5-7 pounds (2.3 - 3.1 kg) but can, in rare instances, reach up to 10 lbs (4.5 kg). The female measures about 23.6 inches or 60 cm
  • Muscovies also eat mosquito larva in the water....They make a huge difference when it comes to insect control.....They are excellent fly catchers!! (click on the photo below to see Donald in action)
Donald, our 3 yr old Male Muscovy catching flies!!

  • They have webbed feet and strong sharp claws for grabbing tree branches and roosting.  Their tail is fairly short, flat and wide
  • Male Muscovies have a dry hissing call - often ''wagging'' their tail and fluffing up the feathers on their crown at the same time and the females make quiet trilling ''pip'' sounds
  • They do not swim much because their oil glands are under developed compared to most ducks.  Muscovy hens can set three times a year, and the egg clutches can vary from 8-21 eggs.  The eggs are incubated for 35 days.