Wednesday, September 18, 2013

~ Eve of the Harvest Moon ~

This is what happens at 5 a.m. when your camera is #1 .... "NOT" set to the proper settings to capture what you would hope would turn out to be a nice photo and #2 .... thin layer of clouds and fog (both in this case) !!
But, it certainly was a 'wow' moment to watch this moon set with the naked eye and it looked as if you could reach out and touch it....  !! We are looking forward to tomorrow's full harvest moon.... I have my camera ready, do you?

Some camera tips and settings to capture the moon:
  • Tripod
  • A DSLR camera with a 200mm+ telephoto lens OR a point and shoot camera that would have optical zoom
  • A timer in your camera or a remote camera trigger (reduces camera shake)
  • Set your camera to full MANUAL mode
  • Set your ISO to 100 and make sure "auto ISO" is turned off
  • Set your Aperture to f/11
  • Shutter speed to 1/125
  • Lens focus: set to manual focus and increase it to infinity
This is just a standard guide and starting point to adjust your settings.  You can increase or decrease each one slightly until you are satisfied.