Monday, September 16, 2013

Polar Bear Skull

The polar bear is native to the Arctic and is the largest bear and land carnivore in the world.  It can grow up to 1500 pounds.  They have a great sense of smell and can live to almost 20 years.

The polar bear's favorite meal is seal meat and blubber.  Polar bear molars are smaller than the other bear species because of their soft diet... Some researchers have created computer simulations on the brown bear and polar bear to test the bite strength and the stresses put on the skull by biting....They have found that polar bears were less capable of chewing harder food than the brown bear and their skulls are five times weaker.

As the Arctic ice starts to disappear and the foraging for seals becomes more difficult, this will be significantly challenging for the polar bear to survive.

We were very privileged and learned a lot about this majestic creature and it was certainly a rare opportunity....A very special thankyou to the owner(s) for allowing me to photograph these amazing images.

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